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Green Salad

Plant-Based Living Made Simple

The nudge you're feeling right now? The gut instinct that something needs to change?

We feel it, too.

Like you, we know our every day choices matter. We know our health, humanity, and shared future depends on those choices.


We also know how hard making lifestyle changes can be. And sometimes we don't always have the support we wish we did. That's why we started Plant-Based Point: to provide plant-based resources and a meeting place with, well, a point.


So have a look around, get comfortable, and know that we're right beside you on your plant-based path.

About Us

In what can only be described as a Hallmark card setting, we first met in Surry, Maine on a sprawling, lupine-lined, coastal campus. We had both enrolled in the Masters in Humane Education program through the Institute for Humane Education and were attending summer residency. Instantly clicking over our love of vegan food, comedians, and a deep passion to inspire change, it's no surprise we eventually joined forces here at Plant-Based Point.

Robin Jules Sep 2021 fruit faces 2.jpg

Want to know about our upcoming appearances? Check out our Events page!




Early in life, I made the decision to not eat meat. As I experienced more and more, got married, and had children, I transitioned to eating a plant-based/vegan diet and raising my children the same way. While ironing out my food and health choices, I worked professionally in the family services field, helping families during end-of-life care and support.  


What began as a hobby -cooking and talking about healthy foods- evolved into a deep passion to educate families on the importance (and more importantly, the fun!) of eating plant-based/vegan foods.  


Along with a masters in humane education, I also hold an MA in thanatology, a BS in psychology, a BS in gerontology, and wait there’s more – a certificate in plant-based nutrition through eCornell.  I'm a faculty member (Humane Education) for the American Public University System (APUS) and when I'm not teaching, in the kitchen, or out running trails, you'll find me with my two sons and husband.



My life forever changed in May 2016. After innocently hitting play on a documentary, Forks Over Knives, I suddenly saw the impact our every day food choices had on EVERYTHING: the planet, non-human animals, and our health. I went vegan overnight and never looked back. In fact, this change was so transformative that I eventually quit my corporate job, moved across the country with nothing but my car and my dog, and put my money where my mouth was by starting a vegan lifestyle YouTube channel. ...And that's what led me here!

I'm the founder of write with jules, LLC, where I help small business owners and individuals tell their stories and craft winning bios, website copy, resumes, ads, and more. Along with a masters in humane education, I hold a BA in creative writing and have been project management professional (PMP) certified since 2011. (Wow that looks sad next to Robin's creds.) When I'm not busy telling my dog how cute he is, I'm usually scouting new vegan products (I consider my taste-testing videos a public service), trail running, blogging, or learning French. (Je suis très mauvais.)

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