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The Juiciest Cookbook You've Ever Laid Eyes On

We swore we'd never make a cookbook unless we could guarantee gorgeous, mouthwatering photos of every recipe. So we did that...

...and more:

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Beefless Cakes inside cover.png

"BEEFLESS CAKES" is the kind of cookbook that's bound to inspire you - inside the kitchen and beyond.

Cuteness with a Cause

Because it's not just pretty pictures around here. We'll ALSO donate a portion of all proceeds to badass vegan change makers and organizations. 

Because it's What's on the Inside that Counts



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...More Beefless

Cakes ;-)

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Appetizers + 


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Dressings, Spreads +Sauces

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Soups, Salads

+ Sides

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No hard-to-find, wildly expensive ingredients or impossible-to-execute recipes here! Whether you've never turned on the oven or whip up gourmet feasts on the regular, "BEEFLESS CAKES" has you covered.


Freezer friendly, make-ahead, pull double duty (like our balsamic marinade that transforms easily into creamy salad dressing), our recipes make plant-based cooking a blast - and budget-friendly!


"This is vegan?! It's so creamy!" If we had a dime for every time we heard that... we'd gather them up and host the world's greatest dinner party! (P.S. - You're invited.)