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Karla Childers

The videos, recipes, and Thanksgiving menu inspire me to include plant-based choices where I can. I especially enjoy your approach to adopting a plant-based lifestyle - you make it approachable for anyone who wants to move themselves along the continuum.

Christine 2.jpeg

Christine Grazio

Whether you're already vegan or looking to incorporate more plant-based options, Jules and Robin share the scoop on user-friendly tips and meal-planning hacks. I love their takes on real-life questions about shopping, eating out, and holiday meals. Their recipes are tasty, simple and practical, without all kinds of unfamiliar intimidating ingredients. Info I can use that is accessible and fun keeps me coming back for the latest reviews, recipes, and updates. Keep the good stuff coming! 

Janeen 2.jpg

As a full time working mom of three, I need crowd-pleasing options. Not only are your recipes delicious but so quick. It is a challenge to know where to start when wanting to learn about vegan options for a big holiday. Your Thanksgiving menu made it easy! 


The Thanksgiving Menu was a huge hit with my family of all types of food preferences. The food tasted good and was easy to make. Most importantly, it was a helpful tool in our conversations about why I'm plant-based.

Janeen Doyle

Shawna Weaver, Founder, Blue Sky Alchemy

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