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MEET JULES: My Plant-Based Point

Changing my kitchen changed my life.

"No, we have to have rack of lamb on the menu," I demanded.

"Who likes lamb?" my soon-to-be-husband replied.

"Me. My entire family."

I didn't each much on my wedding day in August 2008, but I did eat lamb. I think about this often. And not just because I'm (spoiler alert) no longer married.

I think about that a lot because now, in December 2020, I couldn't fathom doing anything but petting a lamb. Yet I vividly remember what it was like to crave, enjoy, and even demand, that experience.

If you're reading this and still eat meat, or dairy, or seafood... It's okay. Robin and I didn't start Plant-Based Point to tell you why you're wrong. We started Plant-Based Point to tell you why you're RIGHT.

You're right because you care about what goes into your body. You're right because you care about the planet. You're right because you love animals.

You're right because you love pepperoni pizza.

We do, too.

Shoot, we even dedicated a mini video series to it and talk about it in our "do you ever cheat?" episode.

For that reason and many more, going vegan was one of the scariest things I've ever done. I did it -literally- overnight, after watching the documentary, Forks Over Knives. It was May 17, 2016.

I didn't personally know a single vegan, yet in that instant I knew: my food choices had the power to change EVERYTHING.

My health.

Our health.

Our future.

And boy did this Jersey girl's future change. More on that in later posts!

During those first few weeks, I was afraid to tell anyone for fear of ridicule. Me, a 34-year-old woman, was worried that my smart, funny, loving friends and family would shun me because I gave up bacon.

Let's just say I had a bit of a reputation.

And you know what? Some of them did poke fun. But more often than not, they were curious. And that curiosity soon turned to respect.

But I'm not going to lie. It was a steeeeeep learning curve, and no one I knew was willing to jump on board my vegan train. Which is why I'm so passionate about being here for you, right now, whether you're new to plant-based living or an old pro. Whether you're looking to make a few small tweaks or gut your entire pantry.

Big changes make a big impact, sure.

But small changes?

They make a point, too.

Don't tell anyone, but I did it all for the merch. (Plant-Based Point merch coming in early 2021! You can preview it now in our shop.)

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