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From birthday parties to a trip to the local zoo, how do you navigate Plant-Based Parenting In a Fast Food World?  This online course provides lecture, articles, and videos as well as a 20 page course guide with supplemental reading suggestions.  


This four-part course includes:


1. School Lunches

2. Social Media

3. Family Gatherings

4. Ethics of Food


Learning Objectives


The goals of this course are to:


1. Begin the conversation about raising plant-based kids

2. Learn how to handle school lunches, holidays, and more

3. Examine the roots of our food system, including advertising geared towards children

4. Review where we go from here!


Time Commitment


Reviewing the course guide and videos and participating in the activities will take approximately two hours. If you choose to dive into the supplemental reading and film suggestions, you'll find 20+ hours of fascinating content to further your studies!


Course Delivery


Course is purchased online with an email to immediately follow; this email will contain the PDF course guide attachment. The course guide has everything you need to complete this course, including links to our video presentations.  We encourage you to share your experience by emailing us ( and/or sharing on social media (#PlantBasedParenting & tag us @PlantBasedPoint).


Thank you!

Plant-Based Parenting In a Fast Food World

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