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Our Favorite Moments (and Foods!) from 2021

What an action-packed year it's been! Wouldn't it be fun to recap some of our favorite moments (including the associated tips, hacks, and recipes) all in one easily digestible blog post? We thought so, too!

Launching our first cookbook, "BEEFLESS CAKES"

Writing, producing, designing, photographing, and publishing this 150-page, full-color cookbook was no small task...

...but we loved every minute of it - especially seeing your own twists on our favorite go-to recipes!

Our dear friend Heidi turned two of the appetizer recipes, muhammara and tortilla roll-ups, into this gorgeous holiday spread!

One of our beefless cakes, Paola, stuffed this cute empanada with our muhummara dip! The perfect hand-held treat!

Speaking of the season, we especially recommend the carrot-ginger soup and one pot garlicky pasta to warm your belly on a cold winter day! What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!

We promise it'll be worth it.


One of our favorite things to do is try out new products (and get our family members to try them, too!) and let you know what we think - to hopefully save you time and money!

THE BEST of 2021

THE WORST of 2021

Robin's Interview with Inner Light Sanctuary

No matter our calling, sometimes it's easy to forget why we do what we do. Robin's interview with Inner Light Sanctuary brought us home by reminding us that every decision we make -from spending to clothing to our dinner plates- matters.

"The Inner Light is a Quaker term used to describe how we all carry God or I like to think "Good" in our hearts and within us. I chose it for the name of the sanctuary because I wanted to show that all living things have that light within them. Their existence. Their soul. It's something that makes me feel connected to them. I really feel that animals are inherently good in the purest form." -Andrew Minear, co-founder of Inner Light Sanctuary

Read the full story and learn how you can help out here.


Oooh, Jules knew this one would raise hackles, so to speak. Her short (and dare we say, adorably fact-based) video about her senior vegan pup has garnered lots of, er, passionate comments on YouTube. What do we have to say to that? Great! We love an opportunity to use our humane education backgrounds and engage in compassionate, fact-based discussion!

One of our favorite humane education activities throughout 2021 has been giving fun and well-researched presentations to outlets like Natural Grocers, Deschutes Public Library, and Baltimore Public Library.

Uncle Jesse is famous: FACTS.

Our First Radio Interview/TV Interview/Podcast/Book Signing!

On the heels of our cookbook launch, we enjoyed so many other firsts (including giving Jules and her public speaking phobia a run for their money!). Aside from the admitted ego boost, we learned just how receptive the world is to this new way of eating.

In case you missed any of our talks, you can find all of the links on our Event page!

Running. So, So Much Running.

Robin enjoyed so many plant-based fuel wins during her epic 2021 races, including her first ultra (50k) run.

"Immersed in the hills of Madison County, Iowa, my new running mate and I made it past the dog (without the need of a sacrificial energy bar) and turned up another hill, glancing back to ensure we weren't being followed. I checked my watch. 16 miles in. All was well, but wait, how the hell did I get here?"

Intrigued? Read more, including Robin's top tips and gear recommendations, in this fantastic blog post.

Cooking For YOU!

One of our best and brightest learning experiences came from cooking for YOU! From tabling events to cooking demos, your feedback and enthusiasm offered oodles of inspiration. We're pretty sure we've got it DOWN, so if you'd like to book a private demo or other event, please contact us.

If you're nice, Jules may even regale you with her worst first date stories while Robin cooks.

A Runaway Success...Or Our First Vegan Market

Things don't always go according to plan, which we learned the hot, hard, heavy way during a VegLife Des Moines summer festival. A huge wind gust destroyed our duct-taped tent...

...but it didn't destroy our spirit! We met so many wonderful new people while tabling events in 2021, and were reinvigorated about building the Plant-Based Point online community. Our mission has always been to host a safe, fun, inclusive, and accessible environment where you feel comfortable asking questions and sending any friend or relative our way.

...And clothing them in our eco-friendly merch.

You can find us across social media @plantbasedpoint, with daily action happening on Instagram and Facebook. (Watch out TikTok, we're coming for you next!)

Plant-Based Traveling

Some of our favorite tips and tricks this year were wrapped up in travel!

Jules covers the kitchen gear she can't live without (and fit into the trunk of her car when moving cross-country) in this blog post, and also highlighted plant-based road trip/travel food in this video!

Plant-Based Parenting

One of our stand-out projects this year wouldn't have been possible without some pretty special plant-based moms and pops.

We recap some of our favorite kid-friendly recipes in this post, and you can read more about these amazing parents here. Then, why not binge watch the whole interview series!? You can also check out our plant-based parenting course and stay tuned for more helpful parent-related downloads in the New Year!

In closing...

Whew! What a year! We're so excited for all that 2022 has in store. (Psst, it includes more recipes and taste tests, and possibly a speaking engagement or two near you!) Thanks for all of your support in creating a kinder, gentler, healthier world for each and every living being.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again:

you're the buns beneath our beefless cakes.


Robin + Jules

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