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Summer time...

Summer vacation before we had kids was a breeze. Last minute trip to the shore, no problem. Hop on the train to DC, sure thing. Impromptu Tuesday night baseball game at Camden Yards, absolutely. With kids... it looks a little different, at least for us. And now that we live in the Midwest there is a lot more travel time than when we lived just over the Bay Bridge.

First comes the list. What are we packing and where is it going? We need the snack bag, the cooler, the backseat entertainment tote, the clothes for the hotel, the swim stuff, the cleaning stuff because you know someone is going to spill something, and of course your patience, sanity, and sense of humor all need to fit in the car as well.

Both my husband and I are beach people. So this year we decided (for our 10 year wedding anniversary) we would pile into the car and make the 17 hour drive to Ocean City, MD with our two kids (4 & 8). Sounds fun, right?

Oh I should also mention if you are ever driving into or out of Maryland (I-70) you MUST stop by Glory Doughnuts in Frederick, MD. I would drive HOURS out of my way if needed to stop at this gem. Seriously, check them out here.

this double dip kept me focused on the final stretch to the beach

Once the lists had been created, we set some ground rules. Basically, don't assault one another, don't scream while in the car, and have fun. Randy and I were willing to have a 'anything goes' week at the beach with the kiddos.

So, what does this all have to do with Plant-Based Point? For years I have belonged to a fantastic Facebook group dedicated to Ocean City MD Vegans (search for it!). Folks post all sorts of hidden and not so hidden vegan gems for vacationers to enjoy.

my trusty navigator

Here is our week at the beach....

We did Ledos pizza (minus cheese w lots of veggies, they also offer a GF crust)

We enjoyed many Acai bowls from Pablos

Dinner at Liquid Assets was good, the vegan pasta was phenomenal, the vegan meat loaf was eh.... kind of mushy. The cauliflower appetizer they have is technically vegan - and was very good!

We also did dinner at Papa Grandes (technically in DE) and we got the fajitas and left out the cheese, etc. and got an order of guacamole --- SOO good and really big portions

Of course we can't do OC and not get food from the thai place Thai Ocha - they have their own vegan menu which includes vegan egg rolls, yum!

We also discovered the kettle corn from Fisher's is technically vegan - score!

Our last dinner we went to Seacrets and they have lots of options as long as you ask for no cheese - a burger option, veggie wrap, a personal pizza, etc.

We went over the bridge for go karts and to visit Assateague and went to OC Eateries - I had never been, but they have 6+ restaurants inside and lots of vegan options or things you can make work.

final family dinner at Seacrets

When we weren't eating, we were on the beach, at the pool, playing miniature golf, bowling, go kart riding, biking down the boardwalk and so so much more. If you haven't been, Ocean City is a great place to visit - so much fun, so many things to do, and it is probably my favorite place to be. Enjoy!!

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