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PLANT-BASED COLLEGE COOKING: The Ultimate Guide for the Broke + Busy


Are you, or someone you know, struggling to find the time, money, and motivation to whip up healthy, flavorful meals?
Have a friend, child, or relative living in a dorm setting with limited kitchen resources?
Do you wish you could eat more plant-based dishes, but don't know where to start?

Then our latest cookbook is just the ticket! Available in digital and print formats on Amazon, this bargain buy is a must-have guide for anyone looking for the simplest, cheapest, plant-based recipes around.

  • photos of every recipe (and recipe variations!)

  • a 9-page Primer outlining the why and how of plant-based eating

  • 5 sample weekly meal plans + shopping lists (all under $25!)

  • plenty of simple tips for substitutions, money saving, and meal planning

We had SO MUCH FUN pulling this guide together. In the process, we both discovered new recipes and hacks that we now incorporate into our regular meal rotations.

Like Elevated Ramen...

...Loaded Pretzels...

...and No Frills Fondue!

Many of the recipes contain only 2-3 readily available, affordable ingredients, and don't require more than a microwave (if that) to prepare! We designed the entire cookbook with the average college student in mind, so even the most "complicated" recipes require nothing more than a soup pot and hot plate.

Did we mention this has three ingredients?

Of course, we had to feature some of our hometown Classic College Eats, like Fat Sandwiches and Disco Fries...

...but we also emphasized fresh, produce-filled options that won't break the bank.

Even experienced home chefs will enjoy having budget-friendly, go-to recipes they can whip up on a busy weekday." PLANT-BASED COLLEGE COOKING: The Ultimate Guide for the Broke + Busy" has something for everyone!

One of the most valuable features is our Sample Weekly Meal Plans. These five meal plans, featuring recipes from the book, come complete with grocery shopping lists and notes, and are meant to be followed sequentially so you can easily and affordably build your plant-based pantry. Each week will only cost $25 (or less)!

To take a peek inside, visit our COLLEGE COOKING webpage or grab your copy now!

Happy Cooking!


Jules + Robin


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