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PRESS RELEASE: New Plant-Based Cookbook Delivers More Than Just Recipes

BEND, Oregon – Things are heating up this summer with the release of, BEEFLESS CAKES: Easy Plant-Based Recipes featuring Beefless Cakes. This 150-page cookbook includes more than just food photos; 30 eye-catching vegans also grace its pages. "We really wanted to create a cookbook that was simple and FUN, with tons of inspiring pictures," co-author, Jules Schnedeker, explains. "And who doesn't love a side of eye candy with their veggie burger?!"

From appetizers to main courses to desserts, this new cookbook covers all of the usual ground - and then some. Nearly every recipe comes with a "beefless cake" - a vibrant vegan sharing their "plant-based point," i.e., why they're vegan. "When Jules and I founded Plant-Based Point in 2020," Robin Coarts, co-author, explains, "we were on a mission to provide an accessible resource for anyone interested in plant-based living. We hear from so many people that their biggest barrier is the steep learning curve in the kitchen. We knew our first cookbook was the perfect opportunity to showcase all of the joyful benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, including just how simple the recipes can be!"

"Our personal favorites are probably the scalloped potatoes, vodka sauce, and garlicky pasta," Jules says. "It's incredible what you can create at home with a few everyday, plant-based ingredients!" If you're new to plant-based cooking, BEEFLESS CAKES contains a primer upfront, explaining some basics and providing ample substitutions and swaps. "I usually cook without oil," Robin adds. "So there are lots of options for folks eating Whole Food Plant-Based [without oil and minimally processed]." Nut-free, gluten-free, and soy-free options are also included.

When Robin and Jules surveyed their vegan friends to ask if they'd be willing to be featured in the book, they found people were eager to participate. "I think our collective enthusiasm bounces off the pages!" Jules says. "We were also 100% committed to including full-color images for every recipe, and as new, small business owners, that meant taking all of the photos ourselves! We made sure to include extra pictures of the preparation process, too, because there's nothing worse than trying a brand new recipe with absolutely no idea how it's supposed to look!"

More than just pretty pictures, BEEFLESS CAKES has a philanthropic edge: a portion of all proceeds will, according to Plant-Based Point's website, be donated to "badass vegan organizations and change makers."

To learn more and purchase BEEFLESS CAKES, visit:

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