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Simple Summer Plans

Looking forward to summer, us too! Let's find a few things to do that are:

  • cruelty-free

  • inexpensive

  • indoors AND outdoors

  • family-friendly

  • AND fun

Get outside! If you have kids, there are no better ways to spend your long summer days than running around outdoors. There are also tons of free nature activities. We love to download the searches and have even made our own. Most local libraries offer these for download. And of course, while outside, don't forget your SPF. Below are a couple of my favorite brands (found on amazon/affiliate link below)

Always stay hydrated when you are out and about, little ones too! Here are my favorite water bottles that don't leak!

Okay, what's next?

If you are enjoying your time outdoors, we always love heading to the local arboretum if your town or city has one. If an arboretum is off the table, hit up one of the local or national parks. In most areas this can be a short drive for an endless outdoor adventure. Pack some food and if you are bringing your little ones, let them help pick your healthy snacks for your trek. If I am heading out for a hike I often bring my hydration pack and tuck snacks into all the little nooks and crannies. If I have my kiddos with me, they get to use their own backpacks and this becomes a pretty big deal at my house.

Here are some easy, packable, and yummy snacks:

  • Peanut Butter (or a non-nut butter) and celery sticks - great to make ahead!

  • Bean Burritos (hand-held!)

  • Bananas, apples, and oranges - no package required!

  • Nuts or trail mix - lots of these can be store bought or go wild and make your own

Don't forget your shades!

Maybe outdoors isn't your thing or it is too warm, raining, or muggy to be outside. I get it, I lived in the Mid-Atlantic for just about every humid, sticky summer in existence. Indoor activities for you, your family, friends, and more can be equally cruelty-free and healthy! Here are few of my favorite things to do:

  • Movie day - I love to check Netflix for the latest documentary, or let's be honest murder mystery... (not kid-friendly!)

  • Baking or cooking day - I don't always love to heat up the oven on hot days, but you can still make no-bake pies or ice cream when indoors on a hot day - below is one of my favorite ice cream cookbooks (no ice cream maker required!)

  • Clean out, de clutter, purge, set aside stuff to donate or for next weekend's yard sale

  • Paint, sketch, draw, build, be creative - creativity is so good for our health and is proven to relax us (not a bad side effect to doodling)

  • Want to incorporate your plant-based'ness into your indoor day - try out that new recipe you have been thinking about -- here are some of our favorites... (you may have heard we wrote a cookbook)

  • If you day indoors includes your little ones, I love to get them in the kitchen with me. Give them a task - sorting ingredients or putting away the clean dishes, something to keep them involved. It is wonderful to have a partner in the kitchen and to see them enjoying a healthy activity like cooking.

William tested, William approved

We had a wonderful opportunity to visit Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY a few years back. Making an overnight trip and packing our lunch was great and we got to enjoy our chickpea salad right on the Farm Sanctuary property with the best views you can imagine. It always feels good to align your entertainment or vacation with your values and by contributing to Farm Sanctuary we are supporting their mission. On their website they also have tons of information, downloadable info graphs, and classroom education opportunities.

No spoon needed for this lunch

After you have spent your time outdoors, soaked up some sun, worn your kids out, baked a pie, and now you are on the couch with the latest unsolved mystery, start making a plan for your next summer day! Going somewhere this summer and worried about packing food, check out Jules's impromptu drive across the country and how she managed to feed herself (and Uncle Jesse) Plant-Based and budget-friendly!

Whatever you end up doing this summer - let us know!!


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