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A Few (Charitable) Ways To Make a Plant-Based Point

Feeling like this year will be harder to donate to your local sanctuary or charity? We hear you. Continue making sustainable, plant-based choices in your everyday life and you are always giving back.

Drawn by Robin's son, William.

If you do find yourself with a few bucks to spare -or simply the urge to spread the good word- here are a few places we know would especially benefit from your generous spirit.

1. Farm Sanctuary - so much to say about this fantastic organization. Earlier in 2020, when the pandemic limited in-person education, they launched some pretty epic virtual opportunities. You can follow them on YouTube, download their free education materials, follow their social medias for updates on all their residents, and of course -- sponsor one of their rescues!

Like we do every Thanksgiving!

2. Peace Ridge Sanctuary - we are so lucky to have visited this beautiful sanctuary when we attended the Institute for Humane Education Residency in 2017 (see #3!). This sanctuary is also home to a dear friend and former classmate; we know firsthand that every ounce of support is put to good use and deeply appreciated.

A compassionate sunset dinner at Peace Ridge Sanctuary.

3. Speaking of how we first met, we can't skip where it all began: at the Institute for Humane Education. An organization whose mission is to bring a solutionary approach -doing the most good while causing the least harm- to all corners of education.

IHE Residency - where Jules and Robin first met! (June 2017 - Jules took the photo and you can see Robin looking studious and lovely in white, pregnant with Baby #2!)

4. Eleventh Hour Rescue. With one of us (cough.. Jules..) having a connection to Jersey, we would be remiss to not include Eleventh Hour Rescue, a no-kill shelter doing tremendous work. Jules's friend/soulmate Jenn adopted her sweet fur baby, Shunderson, from them and continues to feel humbled by their commitment to compassion:

5. The Crazy Cat Fam This amazing group eats, sleeps, and breathes cat rescue, cat care, and cat adoption. Robin's family is SO fortunate to have connected with them and happily adopted Tango & Sprout as their newest family members. Check out The Crazy Cat Fam on Instagram where you'll find ways to help support this wonderful group.

6. With a website chock full of information on everything from food access to water safety and more, Food Empowerment Project offers so many opportunities for engagement, education, and activism. Definitely one of our favorite organizations doing inspiring work.

7. Any of your favorite local vegan, plant-based, vegan-friendly places to eat, shop, or visit. 2020 has put the stress on so many, including our local small business owners. On top of the stress of 2020, it can be especially hard to get and keep a vegan business up and running. Shop local, plan for carryout, purchase gift cards, and support these local establishments.

One of the MANY things Robin misses about Maryland... Glory Donuts in Frederick, MD ... hands down best vegan donuts she's had... A wonderful local business to support.

And if you find yourself in Bend, Oregon (Jules's stomping grounds), please head over to A Broken Angel food truck - or buy gift cards online! This photo probably speaks for itself, but they serve amazingly affordable and delicious vegan comfort food (and post-pandemic, provide event catering)!

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