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This Valentine's Day, Match Your Plate to Your Heart

Since the first year I met him, my husband has had a tendency to go a little overboard on Valentine's Day. Stuffed bears, concert tickets, new shoes, fancy dinners, obligatory chocolates, and that one year he went totally rogue...

Oh, honey, you shouldn't have. I mean, no, really. You shouldn't have.

Although I always sincerely appreciated the gestures, I think the very best Valentine's Day was the year we went to my favorite plant-based restaurant, he made me a card, and we were home by 9 o'clock.

Saaaay, "Home by 9!"

I mentioned a few blogs back about our path to plant-based and my husband's health scare in 2014, so it won't come as a surprise that once he went plant-based/vegan he never went back. We have happily dined over plant-based meals ever since, Valentine's Day included.

Stuffed avocado from Vedge in Philadelphia, PA

Maybe Valentine's Day isn't your jam, or you don't do a lot of date nights, but I know you all eat meals together, so let's focus on the heart of the matter: the food. Often, when I talk with friends, family, oh let's be honest, anyone who will listen, about plant-based foods, I focus on the health benefits. For the most part, folks are receptive. Does this immediately launch someone into action? Maybe not, but hopefully a seed has been planted.

My focus on healthy food doesn't end at the health benefits, though; it extends to the global impact of food. When you go to the grocery store and make a purchase, you have voted with your dollar. When you shop locally or eat at a neighborhood restaurant, you're impacting your local economy. When you buy organic food or local produce, you're impacting the agriculture business.

Maybe I'm an eternal optimist (okay I am) but I've always believed our purchases, our decisions, our meals, make an impact.

Convincing my husband the plant-based dinner I prepared is his Valentine's gift this year ;)

Even if we can't see the immediate impact on the business side of sticking with non-GMO, organic, artisanal flaxseed meal (is that even a thing?), at the very least we can see the immediate impact these healthy, plant-based foods have on our families at dinnertime. Every time we prepare and serve meals to our friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and beyond, we can make a choice to offer the healthiest options.

What better way to say "I love you" than with a plateful of nutritious food?

We know that healthy, plant-based food is good for our heart health. We also know that healthy, plant-based food is good for our planet's heart. And we most certainly know that healthy, plant-based food is good for our non-human, animal friends.

For this Valentine's Day and beyond, match your plate with your heart.

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