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Hey Robin + Jules: WHAT'S YOUR POINT?

What is Plant-Based Point?

We like to call it a resource and gathering place “with a point.” Between our website and YouTube channel, we have videos (well over 100!), a cookbook, menus, recipes, one-on-one coaching, downloads, blog posts, merch, courses, resources, and more on the way this year!

Just the beginning of our BEEFLESS CAKES empire, muahahahaha!

Why did you start this business?

So much of the content around veganism is...well, a bummer. Important, yes. But content that your average consumer wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. We started wondering, “Can we show people the benefits of plant-based living by focusing on the POSITIVES? How can we make this FUN so people want to join the party?”

Did someone say (plant-based) party?

How is Plant-Based Point different from other recipe/coaching businesses?

While we’re mission-based and driven by our vegan ethics, we aim to bring humor, joy, and accessibility to everything we offer. We subtly educate on the “why’s” of a plant-based life without graphic imagery or condemnation. It’s incredibly important to us that people feel welcomed, no matter where they are (or aren’t) on their plant-based path.

It's more cuddles than condemnation around these parts.

What is your vision for PBP moving forward?

We’re so excited about all of the possibilities! Our tactical list includes longer form courses, lectures, podcast, calendar, cookbooks (including one tailored for kids!), downloads, and hosting a retreat. We would love to partner with our favorite plant-based companies and explore projects with like-minded brands. Jules has always dreamt of making a planet-saving documentary! (Leonardo DiCaprio, call her.)

Are you a plant-based parent? We've got you covered with this interview series and our new course - with more on the way!

What has been your biggest success to date?

Our new cookbook is the obvious answer, but we’re also really, really proud of this here website. We didn’t want to launch Plant-Based Point without a resource already in place, so we spent a ton of time making sure was chock full of useful content before we announced it.

Wow, it's so beautiful! And you did it all yourselves with zero website design experience?

What would you tell fellow female entrepreneurs who are thinking about launching their own business?

Ooh, great question - we should answer the next few individually!

ROBIN: Be smart with your time and focus on your “musts.” I read Finding Ultra by Rich Roll (affiliate link) and listen to his podcast often and he has a great story about getting asked what running shoes he wears, what running watch he bought, the best trails, and on and on. He simply says, “Just go out and run.” Do the thing you think you’re interested in and see how it goes. Don’t invest thousands only to find out you like running about as much as you like traffic. The same applies to business: don’t invest in a blog and business cards only to discover you like writing as much as you like answering, “Where do you get your protein?” Enjoy your work, find someone to bounce ideas off of, and keep your focus on what makes you happy.

Don’t invest thousands only to find out you like running about as much as you like traffic.

JULES: If you’ve had an idea for a while - whether it’s a full-blown business or a creative project - GO FOR IT. Today. Finish reading this amazing interview and then take one action towards your idea. Even if it’s just firing up a Google doc and making a few notes. You will never feel ‘ready.’ The only difference between the people you admire [who are out there doing great things] and you is that they TOOK ACTION despite their fears.

As someone who quit her steady job, sold all of her stuff, and moved 3,000 miles away to a new town, sight unseen, Jules knows what she's talking about.

What’s your favorite recipe?

ROBIN: My husband notoriously says, “Wow, this is delicious - can we have it again?” and I notoriously answer, “No.” Because I have no idea what I put in it! Thank goodness Jules and I wrote a cookbook so now my family can regularly enjoy one of our favorite, simple, one pot recipes: Garlicky Pasta.

JULES: I love a rich, creamy sauce, and BEEFLESS CAKES is full of some of my favorites, including Vodka Sauce, Scalloped Potatoes, and Nacho Cheez.

What are you waiting for? Order your copy today!

What’s the best vegan-related advice you’ve ever given or gotten?

ROBIN: This is sort of a combo - once I receive good advice I have a tendency to pass it forward. I quickly learned that most people won’t listen to you if you’re angry, preaching, or representing a bad picture of what “vegan” is. So, my advice is not to completely mute yourself or walk on glass, but rather find your group who you can bounce ideas off of, vent to, think critically, and just debrief when you’ve encountered a tough situation.

If you’re able to run things through a filter before you take it to the masses, you have a much better chance of being heard for what you’re saying and not the background noise.

JULES: That it’s not my job to turn people vegan. (And that’s toooootally not the goal of Plant-Based Point, nooooo. Not at all. What a crazy notion! How dare you suggest such a thing! THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!)

Just kidding. Ha...ha. We're having fun here. Right? ...Right?

How does financial well-being factor into Plant-Based Point?

JULES: Robin and I both believe that healthy living encompasses everything: mental health, spiritual health, emotional health, physical health, environmental health (are you living in a space that’s cluttered? With a toxic roommate?), and financial health.

There’s a tendency among sensitive, creative groups, like the vegan community, to think of money as “dirty” and/or throw their hands up and say, “I don’t like talking about money.” This is very, very dangerous. The folks at the top -making the decisions that impact our shared future- know all about money. THEY know that every action we consumers take and every dollar we spend makes a point, whether we intend it to or not.

When you take control of your financial health, you gain the upper hand.

A healthy savings account isn’t about money - it’s about giving yourself the ability to say ‘no’ to things and environments (e.g., bad bosses, dead-end jobs, questionably-sourced products, etc.) you don’t support.

ROBIN: My two cents (LOL): fortunately or unfortunately, money controls so much of our world and if we can take care of ourselves financially, we’re in a better place to take care of others. Thinking about each dollar, where it’s going, who’s being impacted by this purchase, trying to rid ourselves of frivolous spending (by being more intentional), and most importantly, saving, can all be impactful forms of activism.

For a look at where we like to donate, check out this blog post.

What’s your point?

ROBIN: Keep it simple, fuel yourself with the best stuff on earth, and always have an apple in your bag.

JULES: Life is uncertain, eat dessert first. Just make sure it’s plant-based.

Is it time for dessert yet?

What's YOUR Plant-Based Point? Tag @plantbasedpoint and hashtag #WHATSYOURPOINT across social media to let the world know!


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